Our founder, Ben Weatherbee, wears many hats. Custom home builder, father, and creative – to name a few.

Ben and his wife, Hailey, own a home design business – H. Bee Architecture. For him, coming up with envelope-pushing furniture designs and concepts he can turn into reality for his clients is nothing new. It’s a way of life.

The H. Bee Fire Vision.

Ben’s vision for H. Bee Fire was borne from spotting two needs.

First, Ben saw a gap in the market: a lack of high-quality outdoor gear for nature enthusiasts that lasted longer than a year or two.

Second, Ben was helping to build a custom home for a client who wanted a custom fire pit. When nothing fit their requirements was found, the idea to create a functional fire pit with an easy-to-assemble slotted design came into being.

After testing numerous metals, he found two that stood up against time
and looked great doing it: Hot Rolled Pickled & Oiled steel (HRPO) and Corten steel.


Fire pits that are a perfect marriage of sculptural art and functional portability – for play, travel, and beyond.

We Do Recreation Differently.

Ben didn’t want to just add another product to the market that wouldn’t last longer than a few years. He wanted to create an aesthetically pleasing, easily portable piece that would sturdily stand the test of time. A piece that that he could enjoy with family and friends, and get that campfire feeling in many different settings.


Our values govern how we work, how we play, and how we consistently create beautiful, functional fire pits.


It might sound basic, but it's true. We believe that being true to our vision of making functional art, and being real with our customers, is the key to success in business and in our personal lives.


There's no fine print here. Whether you're casually browsing or going through the shipping process, we want our customers to have a full understanding of how our product works and what they can expect.


We maintain the highest standards we can in everything we do. In the way we build fire pits, the materials we use, and how we support your purchase.

"This fire pit is totally awesome! Delivered fast, well packaged, amazing design, and very well made. This thing is going to last forever and be the centerpiece of every outdoor celebration. Very few purchases in life represent this much value. I would recommend it to anyone. I wish I could find a plate steel wood stove that was this thoughtfully designed and meticulously built. I'm sure that everyone that lays eyes on this masterpiece will want one. I will be sure to send them your way. Thank you."

Keith G. Bennet

"This fire pit is incredible. Within 20 minutes of UPS delivering it we had it setup in the back yard and had a fire going! The design of this to make it portable is a huge plus as we wanted to move it around the property and burn the various piles of wood we have been storing."

Peter Eacmen

"We're delighted with our new fire pit - and so are our friends! The package arrived within a week of placing the order and the Corten frame slots together very easily. The fire pit is so beautifully designed that it looks like a sculpture when not in use. Thank you for creating such attractive and functional pieces."

Karen Pettyjohn

"This fire pit is perfect for our yard. The design is simple yet artistic. We purchased the large and the burn area is well sized. It shipped from Ontario to PEI in mere days. Also, the easiest thing we’ve assembled…I think ever. Absolutely lovely product."


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