• What is the difference between Corten and Hot Rolled Steel (HRPO)?

    The key difference between these metals is longevity, and there are several factors that will impact the lifespan of your fire pit. Local weather conditions and frequency of use are two key considerations to keep in mind.

    While we don’t have an exact answer to how long each of these products will last, we have consulted with various metal experts across a range of industries. From our research, we anticipate HRPO fire pits will last roughly 10 years with regular use, and Corten Steel fire pits will last roughly 20 years with regular use.

  • How heavy are the firepits?

    The Large: 60 lbs.
    The Medium: 30 lbs.

    While easy to store flat (unassembled), use caution when moving and lifting the pit whether unassembled or assembled.

  • Are the firepits difficult to assemble?

    No, which is the beauty of our product! Our unique slotted design is both aesthetically pleasing and easy to use. Assembly takes less than five minutes!

    Watch our (short and sweet) assembly tutorial here:

  • Do I need a permit to use the firepit?

    Yes, as it is an open fire, you will need a permit. It is the buyer’s responsibility to secure the permit and abide by regional and municipal burn restrictions. Always use caution around an open flame.

  • Do you sell any accessories, like a spark guard or chimera?

    At this time, we do not sell spark guards, chimineas, or any other accessories.

  • How long does the fire pit take to cool down?

    As each customer’s environment is different, it is difficult to quantify cool-down time for our fire pits. In our experience after burning, the fire pit requires at least a few hours to be cool enough to touch. Always use caution when handling the fire pit after burning.

  • Can I use water to cool the fire pit down after use?

    Yes, the fire pit can be cooled down with water and will typically be cool enough to touch within 10 minutes. Always use caution when handling the fire pit after burning.

  • Can I leave it outside year-round?

    Yes, the fire pit can be left outside year-round.

  • Will my fire pit rust?

    In a word, yes – but this is natural and to be expected. In an outdoor environment, our fire pits naturally oxidize and will eventually show beautiful weathering that also acts as a protective coating. The length of this process depends on whether you live in a dry or humid environment and how often you use the fire pit. Read more about the weathering process here.

  • Can I put the fire pit on my lawn?

    Yes, you can place the fire pit on your lawn, but bear in mind that the fire pit will burn the grass directly underneath – so choose your spot wisely and avoid moving it around your lawn. In our testing, we’ve found that while it will burn the grass underneath, it will not ‘overburn’ beyond that area.