Naturally, these fire pits will weather from being exposed to an outdoor environment. Each piece is intentionally left bare and unprocessed without coatings or chemicals to allow for this organic process to occur. Embrace the process, and the look, as the metal begins to beautifully blend into your outdoor setting.

How long will this take?

It will vary, primarily dependent on two factors. The first being the condition of environment the fire pit is in, and the second being amount of use the fire pit is getting. Humid conditions and regular use will show weathering in a very short amount of time, while dry conditions and light use will sustain the original surface appearance slightly longer. Generally, very light weathering will likely show up in a few days. After your first fire, you will see more areas that show oxidization as the fire and heat take the natural top layer of scaling off the steel.

If you want to expedite and bring a more uniform patina in a shorter amount of time, you can lightly sand the surfaces of the pieces. This will remove any scaling that may be on the metal and expose the unprotected steel below to the moisture and oxygen in the air.

Can you accelerate the process?

The weathering process on both types of steel offered can be dramatically accelerated using a simple combination of hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, and salt.


Degrease the surface of the metal by wiping white vinegar over the entire surface.

You can mix the combination listed above in whichever proportion you like, but we have found that a ratio of ½ Hydrogen Peroxide to ½ Vinegar with a spoonful of salt works well for us. Spray the mixture onto the metal and let it stand. Do so in an open, outdoor environment while wearing protective equipment. Repeat the process until you find a visual you like.

The results come quickly!

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